Structural Burn Systems

PRO-SAFE’S Live Fire Burn Systems are designed to be safe, reliable, efficient and flexible. This system can be installed into new or existing structures.

PRO-SAFE has created a system that can be easily operated, and inexpensively maintained.

The Live Fire Burn System is designed to provide safe and effective training in control and extinguishment of fires that may occur in residential, commercial, industrial, military, marine structures.

The Pro-Safe Live Fire Burn System design utilizes industrial duty components in a low profile modular design. This provides a reliable, low-maintenance system than can be integrated into new & existing structures in any configuration.

Pro-Safe can install a Live Fire Burn System into any type of training structure; whether it be poured concrete, block, pre-engineered steel or ISO container style.

Extend the life of your old concrete Class “A” fire tower with a propane system retrofit!

The Burn System can be configured for either propane or natural gas. The flame generation system is under automated control to provide training fires that are realistic in appearance and that respond via operator’s control.