SCBA – Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Mobile Training Unit

The PRO-SAFE SCBA confidence trainer is designed to provide realistic conditions for SCBA confined space training for municipal, industrial, airport and marine structural firefighting crews. The unit is completely self-sufficient with an onboard control room and generator. The maze is completely modular, allowing rapid reconfiguration of independent confined space areas.

The PRO-SAFE SCBA Trainer is typically built in a 53′ trailer with three tiers. The first two tiers are completely reconfigurable with removable floor and obstacle wall panels to allow unlimited maze options. From the second tier, six removable panels access the open third tier which can be used independently for search and rescue training.

A smoke generator fills the trailer to zero visibility in about 45 seconds. From the control room, trainers can activate smoke, sounds and light ( strobe, cd player and horn) to simulate the confusion and noise inside a collapsed or smoke-engulfed building. A rooftop access duct permits training for tripod recovery into a confined space shaft.