Fixed Aircraft Fire Training Site (ARFF)

The PRO-SAFE ARFF Training Site is comprised of a 50 or 80 foot aircraft fuselage mock-up, combined with a fuel spill burn area.

The PRO-SAFE ARFF Training Site meets all requirements set forth in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) circular 150/5220-17A, as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1003 requirements for aviation firefighter training.

PRO-SAFE’s advanced propane fuel distribution system, and nozzle design provide the most realistic, and fuel efficient design available.
At PRO-SAFE, we build our fixed ARFF training sites to meet each client’s individual specifications, training needs and budget. Each site is custom made from the ground up under strict manufacturing and quality control systems.

Available Features

  • Propane detection system
  • Smoke machine
  • Sacrificial panels for ventilation and piercing training
  • Battery compartment
  • Multiple zone fuel spill fires
  • Wheel blowout simulator
  • Brake and wheel fire
  • Flight deck fire
  • Galley fire
  • Passenger compartment Fires
  • Cargo Fires
  • Tail engine fire
  • High-wing engine fire
  • Low-wing 3D engine/spill Fire
  • Fuselage Fires
  • Programmed safety shutdowns
  • Temperature monitors