Spanning the globe for over 30 years, Pro-Safe’s technology has pioneered the use of propane for portable and fixed fire training devices. Creating a versatile product line that has evolved from our delivery of thousands of hours of hands-on fire ground evolutions throughout North America and around the world.

Pro Safe Fire is built on the foundation of providing cutting edge technology in live fire training simulators to our customers. At the same time we adhere to the most stringent of safety regulations, while providing the best customer service in the market; finishing products on time and on budget.

Pro Safe Fire has evolved as the industry has evolved, leading the way in Live Fire Trainer Simulators.  All our products are “developed by firefighters for firefighters”.

We offer various services such as mobile live fire training which is able to provide users with a unique live fire training experience to different scenes. We work with top notch firefighters to ensure that each training session is realistic so that training and safety are congruent across all boards. Pro Safe Fire is always dedicated to the ever changing materials and situations that can arise with live fire training.

Why Propane?

Propane provides the most realistic simulation for fire training.  It provides lower cost of operation due to reduced maintenance and lower fuel consumption.  Propane is also more environmentally friendly than alternative fuel sources. Most of our products can also be configured to use natural gas and we can provide integrated controls for Tek Flame fuelled exterior applications.


Compliance with a multitude of stringent international regulations has uniquely positioned the company to supply fire training systems required by regulatory organizations for military, airport, and civilian firefighters. Pro-Safe products are NRTL listed as required by NFPA standards and meet the requirements of CSA, UL, NFPA, and CGA to name a few.

Proud Safety Record

Safety is a top priority for fire fighters and those who train them. An extensive amount of engineering & design review go into each Pro-Safe product to ensure a high quality, safe fire trainer is produced. Pro-Safe prides itself on a blemish-free record of safe operation and training with Pro-Safe Fire Training Systems.